The deserted island of Asinara and its derelict prison will form the next stage in Beyond Entropy’s continuing investigation into the relationship between energy and form (

Tourism presents the biggest threat to Asinara, as well as its greatest opportunity. It has the potential to generate much-needed revenue and employment, but also risks damaging fragile ecosystems. The Visiting School in Asinara will question conventional forms of tourism and analyse their possible impact on the island and the nearby coastal settlements, particularly the villages of Stintino and Porto Torres.

Studies estimate that the capacity for tourism is around 1,000 people/day. However, this density is only achievable if new forms of accommodation can be provided. Beyond Entropy Asinara will focus on the ruins of the former high-security prison in the compounds of Cala d’Oliva and Trabuccato and ask: Can the prison that gave Asinara its ‘Devil’s Island’ past also be the basis for a regenerated future? Can a building designed to separate its inhabitants from society become the driving force for partnerships between man and nature?

Following presentations from the Conservatoria delle Coste della Sardegna, Parco Nazionale dell’Asinara and internationally renown professors, artists and researchers, participants will be set specific architectural problems: What is the form of the island’s public space? Which buildings can host productive activities? How can the transformation of the existing prison enable new forms of inhabitation? We will work in groups and use video as the main tool with which to survey the island and produce an architectural vision. Through filming, photography and editing, we will suggest a new narrative form for the future of Asinara. We will conclude the Visiting School with the preview of the shorts that will be projected at the Asinara Film Festival in June.

Beyond Entropy will present its research on Energy and Space, with a specific focus on the Mediterranean region, to the European Energy Commission at the European Parliament in Brussels on 11 April 2012 between 10am and 3pm. This event is organised in collaboration with Meseuro. Those who are interested in attending please contact the Visiting School Coordinator for further information.