14 Aprile 2012


AM         Arrival on Asinara Island

13:50     General Introduction to the workshop and presentation of the tutors

14:00     Introduction to Asinara by :
Ing. Pierpaolo Congiatu
, Director of Parco dell’Asinara
Dott. Alessio Satta
, Director of Conservatoria delle Coste della Sardegna

15:00     Visit of the entire Island

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Presentation of DesertMed


15 Aprile 2012


9:00        Presentations by Conservatoria delle Coste:
Arch. Nicola Lecca,  ” Criteria and Procedia of Project Financing for the receptive structure of Cala d’Oliva” ,  
Arch. Antonello Naseddu” A multilevel approach to landscape project: Trabuccato case study” ,
Ing. Manuela Puddu “Transformation of the Coastal landscape”
Arch. Maria Pina Usai “Eco-Hostel in Bugerru “,

14:00     Survey of Cala d’Oliva

18:30     Presentation of Prof. Gilberto Javier Cabrera Trimiño and Prof. Sonia Isabela Catasus Cervera

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “Padre padrone” by paolo and Vittorio Taviani


16 Aprile 2012


9:00        Presentation by Stefano Rabolli Pansera

AM         Filming on site

PM         Preparation of Filmic script in the form of spatial diagrams

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “La Mepris“ by Jean Luc Godard


17 Aprile 2012


9:00        Presentation by Joel Newman

AM         Edited Diagrams

PM         Drawings of Proposal

18:30     Presentation of Sante Maurizi, Co-Director of Asinara Film Festival

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “The big Blue” by Luc Besson


18 Aprile 2012


9:00       Introduction to Editing by Joel Newman

AM         Filming on site

PM         Editing of Movie

18:30     Presentation of Prof. Nicolo’ Ceccarelli from Alghero University

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “Viaggio in Italia” by Roberto Rossellini


19 Aprile 2012


AM         Editing of Movie

PM         Editing of resulting Plans, Sections

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “Cobra Verde” by Werner Herzog


20 Aprile 2012


AM         Visualisations

PM         Post-production

20:00     Dinner


21 Aprile 2012


AM         Completion of the movie

PM         Preparation of the Venue

20:00     Dinner

21:00     Projection of “Trailers for Asinara” and public discussion with Monia De Marchi, coordianator of AA first Year and other renown guests