Prof. Gilberto Javier Cabrera Trimiños (Professor, University of Havana) primary areas of interests include: issues of environmental education, teacher and researcher training, and professionalization of the ecological economics preparation of specialists and of community work as a function of the relationship between population, environment and development. Among his most recent publications are: Ecological Economy and Desertification (CEDEM, University of Havana, 1998) Ecological Economy and Local Administration (CEDEM, University of Havana, 1999) Economy, Ecology and Human Development (CEDEM, University of Havana, 2000) Economy and Environment: Challenges and Perspectives (CEDEM, University of Havana, 2000) Economy and Ecology to ten years of Rio 92 (CEDEM, Univesity of Havana, 2001)

Prof. Sonia Isabela Catasus Cervera, began to work in the University of Havana in 1968. From 1971: Teacher and Investigator of the Center of Demographic Studies (CEDEM) of the University of Havana. He/she is founder of the CEDEM where it takes 35 uninterrupted years of work – From February of 1998 until March of 2005: Sub-director of the CEDEM.  She is Academic Holder of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba. Period 2006 – 2012  and she has received the Medal 280 Anniversary of the University of Havana.

Nicolò Ceccarelli is Professore Associato in Industrial Design at the Alghero School of Architecture where he moved, from the beginning of 2007, from the Facoltà del Design of Milano. Always keeping at the center of his interest the relationship between design and digital media, over the last years he has developed work on 3D digital modeling, rendering and animation, visual prototyping, virtual reality, interactive multimedia, cultural heritage. He was speaker at SIGGRAPH in ’94, and Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley in 2000, thanks to a Fullbright grant. He has taught computer graphics and design in several Universities. Over the last years he has focused his research on animation, starting a series of educational and research activities in this area, including AnimatiComo (2005) and the AniMatti animation Summer School (2009, 2010) and the InformAnimation project. In Alghero, he leads the AnimazioneDesign research laboratory. More recently he has started the InformAnimation project, a series of educational and research activities aimed at the exploration of the language of animation’s potential to communicate complex informative contents. Infomanimation is currently an annual international workshop, part of the Erasmus Intensive Programme:

Joel Newman,  is an artist who works in a school of architecture. Born in rural Hertfordshire, England he graduated from Reading University after studying Fine Art. Tutors included Richard Wilson, Bill Culbert, Anya Gallachio and Marc Camille Chaimowicz. Finding painting and printmaking sometimes restrictive in the 1990’s, an interest in video, installation and performance developed and was subsequently brought to the Architectural Association where he has been a course tutor in Video with the Media Studies department since 1998. Joel Newman has exhibited video works at various galleries and venues including the Architecture Foundation, the Gasworks Gallery, the ICA, the Lux Pandaemonium Biennial of Moving Images, Whitechapel Art Gallery, and the Architectural Association. He was Co-Curator for the New Media Research Initiative at the Architectural Association with Theo Spyropoulos and Vasilis Stroumpakos (2006–2008): and speaker at the School’s Beyond Entropy event, which formed part of the 2010 Venice Architectural Biennale. His most recent work on public show was Tracer Fire, a 20 minute hand-drawn animation, shown at the Architectural Association in September 2011: The Architectural Association adopted video as a means of enquiry from a very early date – something that Newman is keen to continue within the school. The recent proliferation of video and the subsequent demise of film have coincided with a vigorous re-emergence of story-telling and narrative form. He is presently teaching in the AA’s Media Studies: Foundation, First Year and various undergraduate Units: , and the postgraduate AA Interprofessional Studio:

Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Director of Beyond Entropy,
graduated from the Architectural Association with a thesis on Cinematic Architecture. Between 2005 and 2007 he worked at Herzog de Meuron for the dismissed mining area of Monteponi in Sardinia. In 2009 he founded Rabolli Pansera Ltd.  Stefano has taught as a unit master at the Architectural Association from 2007 to 2011 and has lectured internationally: he has been an invited participant in conferences at Cambridge, Naples and Madrid Universities. He was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Cagliari in 2009 where his students built a public bookshop for the university. Rabolli Pansera runs units at AA Visiting Schools in Seoul, Berlin, Asinara and Venice. In 2012, Stefano has been appointed director of MACC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta, Italy.